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Gutter protection benefits in many ways which include reducing snow from entering the gutter to prevent ice damages, and also preventing debris from building up in the rain gutters.

Drop-in Gutter Guard:

Our drop-in gutter guards will help keep your rain gutters clean all year long.  Our screen will keep out about 80% of debris; works great for leafy trees and helps for pine trees. Majority of the debris that will get into the rain gutter will flush out however still should be checked at least twice a year especially during the fall season.  The drop-in gutter guard is all aluminum and comes in 4 foot sections; which clips in the front edge of the gutter and tucks under your shingles about half inch, and each end is fastened with a screw.  B&R Seamless Inc. has a lifetime warranty on all screen products;  however, there is no warranty on rain gutters plugging up.

Lea-Free Gutter Protection:

Lea-Free works on the scientific principle of water adhesion.  The custom design allows water to enter the gutter while keeping leaves and debris out.  It is a low profile system since panels install under the first row of shingles and with the flex bend seam Lea-Free can be installed on any roof pitch.  Panels come in four foot sections and interlock to give it a seamless look, and are attached with a screw on each end.  There are a variety of colors offering 15 to match your new or existing rain gutters.  Lea-Free is backed up by a limited lifetime warranty. 

Contact B & R Seamless Inc today at 715-359-8876, or browse our website for more information about gutter system!

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